Monday, December 2, 2013

Hey! Family!!

My thanksgiving was really good! We had a great meal over at a member’s house that is really close to where I live at. We were stuffed after that meal, which is good and bad!! haha I bet you guys had a great thanksgiving to! It feels like Thanksgiving happened like a month ago already, because time is just fast now a days. The boys looked like they had fun shooting the guns in alpine! LUCKY!!! so you can’t shoot there anymore? So we got a whole oreo pie, the other day from a member! Super good!

So this week is going to be really exciting for us! We will hopefully be having a baptism on Wednesday for J...! He has a friend that is leaving on Thursday, that he wants to be there, so we moved the date to the 4th for now. Super excited!! N..... also got up and bore is testimony again, man that guy is just something else! He’s got a date for the 14th!! It was such an awesome testimony meeting on Sunday! When investigators and recently returned members come back into activity and bare their testimony its super awesome!! Those are the experiences that a missionary lives for on a day to day basics:) We taught W.... on Monday about the stop smoking work shop! He read the word of wisdom pamphlet and stopped smoking after. he’s doing super well right now! Hopefully we will be able to help him get ready to be baptized soon enough! The week has been wonderful with all of the people that we’ve been able to talk to and teach! We are super busy this week, so I would imagine that it will go by really fast!

In order to teach someone about faith, you have to understand what faith is. Faith is- Believing in something that you cannot see, but is true as well as acting on that belief! Teaching someone about faith in Jesus Christ is the base to all that we talk about! In order to gain faith in something you first have to 1. learn it and after you learn it you have to be 2. willing to accept it. 3. you have to hope and desire to find out if it is true, which means you have to 4. Act on it! Than you will receive 5. a witness that it is true. This is a way that I have been able to understand faith a little better throughout my mission. Hopefully that will help you find out more truth! and most importantly have faith in it. Remember you really can’t have much faith in something that is not true.

I am as well excited to see you all this Christmas! Remember not to forget the true meaning of Christmas! I am thankful for you all and love you! Keep up the faith!!!

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