Tuesday, February 12, 2013



Man o man I can’t believe it’s going to the 13th this week it is so hard to believe that it’s already here... wow how time just flies right by! Sounds like Nicole is going to have some fun at her party.. she will finally get her own birthday party now.. haha its kinda sad though at the same time.. Well happy birthday Nicole... 18 wow you’re getting old, it seems like yesterday that I was 18 years old.. now 20! Have the best birthday every! you will have to make up for me too k! haha love ya! so you got some more snow, we did as well over here, just a few flurries though, nothing like good old Utah.

This week was pretty usual for the most part until Thursday! On Saturday last week we received phone calls to see if we got transferred or not, well I said that I wasn’t getting transferred... but... I am still staying .. haha, but we did get a little change up. We got a call on Thursday around noon, basically saying why weren't we at the transfer meeting ,which is about 4 hours away, long story short they failed to tell us that we needed to be there to pick up another missionary.. I am still serving with Elder Firth, but now I am with Elder Peterson too.. so we have three missionary in the same area.. it’s pretty crazy. It’s definitely a little strange when you go into a lesson with three missionaries instead of just too, it will take some getting use too.. but I know that it is what the Lord wants for this area. That was the biggest news that we received this week.

That same day we were able to teach a new investigator and invite her to be baptized, it was super awesome! For the most part it’s been a solid week, we’ve been able to meet with a lot of less active people here in the ward this week so it’s been great.. we didn’t get the chance to teach all of the investigators with dates this week, that was the only down fall.. I hate going through a week a not being able to talk to them in person, to make sure everything is going well for them. It’s crazy how much more you care about all of these people here in Iowa, when you’re a missionary, I guess it’s because of the calling... haha. I really love it! We try to stay in contact with everyone who has a date, everyday.. if Satan can temp them constantly then we will be doing the same thing, but for the good things in life.

It was a little frustrating not having church again this week.. The weather was bad enough I guess.. out in the country that not everyone could of made it to church. I miss not having church every week.. o ya the other interesting news is, this transfer is only going to be 5 weeks instead of 6 weeks, do to the fact that the MTC changed from having the missionary there for 3 weeks to 2 weeks. So it affected us to.. so we actually will be going home a week earlier than usual. but it’s going to be a great transfer with a lot of things happening.. hopefully a few baptisms.. yah!!

Again I love you all! happy birthday to you happy birthday to you... you back in Utah.. but I still love you! haha


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