Monday, May 20, 2013

Elder Bell and Elder Seale on exchange with TJ.

Springtime in Waukee, Iowa



Ya it’s crazy how Mother’s Day is already here and gone... Graduation! Nice I bet Nicole is super excited to get out of high school. I know that it was a great experience for me and it was a fast one for that matter. Well summer is coming super fast, I can feel the heat coming on over here in Iowa now. We had a nice storm yesterday, with a tornado warning and everything... it was sweet! haha but it wasn’t as bad as they were thinking. We were driving home last night and the rain started coming down super hard, we couldn’t really see very far because of all the rain. A tornado did touch down in Dallas center, which is about 20 minutes away. We haven’t heard anything about it yet, but we’ll see. I would have to say one the cool things about Iowa, is the storms! They are something else around these parts!

We had a lot more time this week to work in our area, so we were out doing a lot of finding. As we were out we obviously ran into a lot of people and talked with a bunch of them. There was one guy in particular that we talked to for about 10 minutes outside his apartment. As we started talking to him about church and God.. things like that.. we were able to talk about his beliefs. He expressed that his beliefs are a little different then ours.. God to him doesn’t really interact with our lives, kinda like 3rd person. As we continued to talk to him about the gospel, he wasn’t really getting it or believing it. So I asked him about after this life.. where he thinks we will go? He just said basically that we just die and there’s nothing else after that.. so I was in my mind just thinking, why would anyone want to believe something like that... but I guess people do. How miserable this life is with a belief as such as that. I am grateful for the plan that our Heavenly Father has for us. Its gives us purpose in life and a sense of belonging. This life isn’t just to come and die and that’s it, we have a much bigger plan.. one that we can’t really comprehend. I don’t know.. it might just be me, but I really fill bad for anyone that could believe such a thing. It goes to show where we’re at in this world, we’ve forgotten so much. Read the Book of Mormon and find out where we are at in the swing of things. I know that when we follow the commandments we will prosper! Love God and serve others! That’s my testimony

It’s great to hear from you all! I hope you continue to stay safe in your travels! I miss you and love you!

Press to the wheel! Don’t look back, but move forward to Christ!


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