Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Summertime in Iowa

Hi! Family!

I am glad that you got the picture that S.... sent you on Sunday night.. We had a lesson over at the T......'s house. We were teaching a kid named J...., the funny part about the whole thing is that he’s actually in the other ward. I wish those guys were in our ward, they’re super sweet. So did you get an email from Sister T......? I think I gave her the wrong email address.. woops.. I have the right one now so I will have to tell her. Anyway the lesson went well at their place, but J..... still wants to finish the Book of Mormon before he decides to get baptized.. well he’s in 3 Nephi already so it won’t take him very long to finish it up. He’s also moving back to northwest Iowa, out of our mission.. :(.. but hopefully he decides to come back or meet with the missionaries over there..

So I have some exciting news for you all.. we will be having a baptism on June 9th for B.... He’s already to go! I think I told you a little about his story last week, but maybe not.. anyway, he’s been learning about the church for the last year from his member friends. And was taught in Mason City where I came from. So he was well informed on the doctrine of the church, we basically just had to make sure he know that it’s true and that he received all of the right information. He did and we set a date this past week! He just barely got interviewed this morning. Now it just the waiting game and praying game. It’s been such a blessing to teach him. That’s basically all of the exciting news...

The weather has been super rainy, but finally the sun popped out today and it’s nice and warm. It’s definitely a weird year for Iowa. We haven’t even hit 90 yet.. last year we hit that a long time ago. but hey we are enjoying the cooler weather here.. :)

So next week school is out that is so awesome! man what are you guys going to do? haha I know what we are going to do here.. share the gospel.. You will have to send me some pictures of what you guys end up doing? same goes for me..

So mom to answer your question.. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, talk all about Christ’s life.. there basically what you would call the gospels.. Really that’s a big reason why they are a lot longer than most of the other books... and I doesn’t help that a lot of the original books have been taken out of the bible.. hence we believe the bible to be true as long as it is translated correctly.. hopefully that helps a little bit..
Transfers are also next week, so calls will be Saturday.. I won’t be going anywhere right now.. so no worries..





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