Wednesday, July 3, 2013

News from TJ

The whole zone from last month.

Dear Family!!

It’s so good to hear from you this week! We have had a good week and we’re able to meet our new mission President yesterday. President Jensen and Sister Jensen are super sweet! I am excited to serve with him and get to know a little bit more about him and his life. We learned a little bit about him yesterday, he’s a pretty well known man to some. He’s created the GPS system that the army uses and has like 40 well known books that have been published. He is definitely a well educated man and a very spiritual man at that. I know that it’s going to be lots of fun for the next 7 months that I have left.

I hope Ryan gets better soon, so he can head back out as soon as possible. President Jensen announced a few of the new things that will be happening here in the future of missionary work. I am excited to see the new changes take place and see how they will impact the way we find and teach. One of the big changes will mostly be, is the use of the Internet, we received word that we could possibly be getting some apple equipment... ipad or something like that.. It’s going to be interesting. I will most definitely be updating you on it here in the future.

When President Jensen arrived on Saturday June 29th, he received a call that no mission president would ever want to hear. A couple of missionary’s were hit in their car, while driving back to their apartment. It wasn’t just any old crash. One of the missionary had to be life flighted to the Des Moines hospital. The other missionary is doing well and is out of the hospital right now. the other is still in intensive care and hasn’t woken up all the way yet. It’s a super stressful time for him as a new mission president. It goes to show that there are two forces at work right now, but I know that the Lord will assist in the great cause of missionary work. It has been an interesting start for us with the new mission president, one that we hopefully unite us more!

So this past week we’ve been working with a few people. H….. and T…. have been a focus of ours, for a few weeks now. The other day we went over to invite him to a bbq that the members were putting on... so H…. has this brand new 2013 dodge charger right.. so we asked him when he was going to give us a ride in it, he’s just like, well one of these days come over and all let you take it out for a spin.. the down side is that one of the rules is no driving members or others cars.. I just thought it was super funny. They are doing well, T…… brought a bunch of friends to church, so I hope everything will continue going well with them.

For the good news.. Everything is well in Waukee! We are enjoying our p-day today and will try to have some fun. How about all of you? So it’s super hot there and you’ve got the pool up, sounds fun:) We are still enjoying mild summer temperatures right now. The work must still go on! I love you all and hope that you have a great 4th of July weekend!
Make sure to watch that Sunday broadcast I was talking about! it’s great! love you!

LUVVVVVVVVV ELDER kiRtoN!!;)                                                                                                         

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