Monday, June 24, 2013

Dear Family!!! You’re just too awesome!!

This week has been a week to remember! There have been so many great things that have been happening here in our area as well as the world in general for missionary work. Did you all watch the broadcast that was given yesterday? If not I would recommend watching it on, because it is super awesome and really teaching everyone how to do great missionary work. I was super powerful and the spirit was felt for sure! I am super glad to have this chance to serve at this time, when so much change is happening regarding missionary work. I know that it wouldn’t be possible without you guys, being so amazing and encouraging. Thanks so much for that!

It sounds like you’ve all been staying super busy with work and stuff. That’s great! I love staying super busy as well, but it does make time just fly by. Which is exciting and sad at the same time.. :) So you had to rename the cat huh?.. that’s super funny.. oh well.. So you’ve been working on some more of the house and stuff that’s fun. I am glad that you’re still loving the shirts.. hopefully you wash it a little bit.. haha just kidding..

To start off with the super sad news, President Jergensen will be leaving at the end of this week! It’s hard to believe that the day is already speedily approaching. I know that the Lord has prepared President Jensen for the work here in the Iowa Des Moines mission. I am so eternally grateful for President Jergensen and Sisters Jergensen's service and inspired leadership. I will most definitely miss them both!

So I have some super exciting news for you all today.. we had a great thing happen this week with K… N…. Guess what she got baptized!!! ya she was scheduled for next week but we ended up getting it done this week. So the story behind that is awesome.. We were weekly planning for her and we felt prompted to get her baptized this week instead of next week, honestly we don’t know exactly why, but all I know is if the Lord tells you to, than you have to do it. The baptism went super well, she will remember that day forever. One she had to get dunked twice because her foot came out of the water and two she has a fear of water. No matter the fear, her faith was sufficient to get baptized. It was a great miracle for us and our zone!

I am just really excited for the coming months here in Waukee. The next couple of weeks are going to be super crazy with President Jensen's arrival to our mission. It probably won’t be too bad, they've got everything planned out and stuff. Elder Maughan and myself have had a great time together and hope to continue on the path that we are on right now.

I love you all and hope you have a great week, stay safe and read your scriptures and pray and go to church and just be super awesome as always!

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