Tuesday, January 21, 2014

HELLO from Osky!

I can’t believe that Elder Jade Carr is home! .. super crazy to think about, I am not sure if I believe that he’s home yet, you will have to get a picture with him or something.. haha tell him hi for me.. haha! The new baby is a cute one, tell Kamie and Kevin congratulations! wow some many awesome things happening back home in Draper Utah! I can say the same here in Oskaloosa, Iowa! It’s been a great experience serving here and will be hard to leave when it gets to that point.. in like a year or so.. well I think that’s how much I have left right... haha just kidding but really things here have been wonderful:)

Right before we came to email today, we had an amazing lesson with a new investigator T....M...... She is so awesome and has a true desire to find the truth, it’s a great thing that she’s found the right place... We reviewed the restoration with her and watched the restoration video, by the way everyone needs to watch that again, just because it’s super awesome! Anyway we watched that and she had such great questions and the spirit was there. We extended a baptismal date for Feb. 22.. but she will be ready way before that:-) that was a little miracle for the day and many more just waiting for the rest of the day!

We had a good little snow storm this past week that kept us from going out and doing work. We were actually in Knoxville on exchanges when the storm hit. We had snow like Utah does.. really wet stuff! anyway we got stuck there for the rest of the night and left the following morning. It’s sad to say that I won’t be going on exchanges with any more of these elders, since it’s my last transfer... bummer..

Q...... and K..... are doing great, they are working on picking a day to get married. It’s a big decision that they have to make, so we are letting them pick a day and pray about it.. W..... is also doing really well, we are just waiting for him to move out of the apartment so he can get baptized.. he drove himself to church, even though his ride was supposed to come.. he’s such a great guy. you heard about T.... already.. than we are teaching another lady today, but I will let you know how it goes next week! So Osky is doing well and great things keep happening ad misted all the turmoil:)

Sorry for not sending any pictures this week or last week, I will do much better at that! I promise!

Sunday we had an awesome sacrament meeting! Two great talks really focused on missionary work! The spirit was really Strong and I learned so much! Keep sharing the gospel over there and staying strong in the gospel! The weeks are going by super fast, so there is no time to waste!



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