Monday, January 27, 2014


Osky is staying warm with all of this fire in missionary work!

It’s been a super week here in Osky, we’ve seen a lot of miracles with those that we are teaching! Being out of the area for two days straight, the Lord blessed us with lots of opportunity! It’s been windy and cold the last couple of days.. I am pretty sure Heavenly Father just likes to play games with us, one day is 45 degrees the next it’s like 0.. That’s good old Iowa weather for you though!

It looks like the boys have been staying really busy with scouts and school projects. How’s dad liking the new calling? I also got your letter today, the one with Bret making cookies or cup cakes.. now I can’t remember.. haha. O well As well I am glad that everyone else is doing well and alive!

On Wednesday and Thursday we spent our time with some other missionaries on exchanges.. The first stop was to Lenox, Elder Stock and I went out to work and taught with guy named B... Barker and I wanted to keep calling him B...Barker for some reason, it was super funny! B... is now learning about the church! Then we traveled to Chariton and I went with Elder Arrioti, who is one of the missionaries that I will be going home with.. we both couldn’t believe that our time was coming to an end.

We taught M.... G.... this week, she is a new investigator and also is preparing to be baptized on Feb. 15, but we’ll see if she’s ready before that.. hopefully.. ! :) She is an awesome lady, our first lesson with her, she basically said that she already wants to join the church.! super awesome! now we just have to teach her and help her getting ready! you don’t always find people like that.. Brother G.... was doing some home teaching and she sat in on the lessons and it sparked her interest.. thank you spirit! She says that it’s just making sense, she hasn’t really ever been involved in another church before so it’s a little different for her. Tina is also doing very well and is still preparing to get baptized on the 22 of February!

Another family will be moving into the branch this month, after I leave.. darn! The B.....! they are from Salt Lake City and we talked to them on Saturday.. Great things continue to happen in osky!

We also had a super sweet lesson using the Family Proclamation to the world! It was such a powerful lesson, everyone should read and reread it! we taught K...and C... L.... who are preparing for the temple in May, as well their friends also joined us for the lesson.. hopefully we will be able to continue teaching them about the church!

Well there has just been so much going on here and lots of thoughts going through my head as I get closer and closer to the end of the mission that I’ve been called on! So many wonderful things have occurred in my life, that it’s impossible to be able to look back on them and remember them all! All that I can say is that I’m thankful for the wonder blessings of the gospel and most importantly that it is true! The Gospel: or in other words good news! well really it’s the best news and the only news that can help us be happy, even more than happy, joyful!

I love you all and pray that you have a great week and I will most definitely talk to you soon!

ps.. I found this sign on our way to Lenox, I’ve been meaning to take a picture of it..

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