Monday, March 4, 2013

Another great week! has just gone by again! and another week in my memories!


At first glance I really thought someone lost their leg... man it kinda freaked me out at first.. but I am glad you have had a great time doing the cert training. Prom wow that is awesome reminds me of the old days of high school and how fast it flew right by. Sounds like everyone is having a great time and ice fishing huh? that sounds super fun right now.. the ice is starting to melt over here now, but it’s still got a long way to go. We just received some more snow last night.. about 2 to 3 inches.. it sound nice over there though..lucky..

It’s been an action packed week, full of teaching appointments. We were able to teach a new investigator again this past week, that is super prepared and totally ready to be baptized. We’ve been really working hard with Dustin who is going to be baptized on March 23... he keeps slipping up every once and a while so we have to push the date back if he messes up.. but it’s totally fine. Becoming a member of the church is a hard thing to do in the world today. On Sunday, which was stake conference we were able to listen to Elder Dallen H. Oaks and a few other general authorities over the tv. He said "the world will hate us for doing the lords will" it so true.. I have noticed that even more out here. It’s not easy being a member of the church when you are a minority and you are all alone. Just remember who you are and everything will be okay. That is what the Atonement is for.. The other lesson this week went pretty well, other than one of our investigators started to get a little frustrated during our lesson and started cussing and stuff it wasn’t that great.

Sunday we received some awesome news about a couple of the new investigators that we’ve picked up just recently. One of the members told us aboutJosh and how he posed on Facebook that he "got his answer", he’s 17 and so prepared to be baptized. Hopefully we can get him out on a mission as well. The other new one was Susanne who left a member a message on her phone and told her the this is the path that she needs to take. The Book of  Mormon has a lot of power when you read in with a sincere heart and real intent.  We should set a couple of dates this week, I will update you on that..

I know that what the apostles and prophet teach us are so true and when we yield to what God wants us to do everything is always going to workout. The book of Mormon teaches us all about this.. following the gospel and not following the gospel.. it teaches us what happens to those in both situations. Again I know that the church is TRUE!

That is so exciting to hear about the areas that Ryan and Andrew are going to serve at. They are going to have a great time!

What’s something you would like to know more about, mission or anything really.. ? You guys are the best and I really love you! How’s the ward doing? How’s school going for everyone? How are you doing?Take care and I will talk to you on Monday and let you know what’s going to happen for transfers, since transfer calls are Saturday. LOVE YOU AND PEACE BE UNTO YOU!

LOVE ELDER KIRTON.. the one in Iowa. haha

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