Monday, March 25, 2013

I wish you a happy Easter Too!!! And a Happy birthday to padra!!! Dad..

how old is he turning? haha

sorry Kara for not writing you.. I keep forgetting.. I will do it first thing! but until  then love ya!

This week has been great and there has been a bunch of great miracles that have been happening in Waukee and throughout the zone too! We were able to pick up an investigator that some Elders in the zone received from a member, which happened to be in our area. It was an awesome blessing! We have been teaching Nelson now and hopefully we will teach his family to when the time comes. The cool thing is that he’s from Africa! He is a very humble man and understands the gospel very well, it also helps that his brother is a member too.. We also set a date with him for April 27 and he accepted! Another miracle was a man named Dan, who has been coming to church for 5 years with his family. the missionaries have been teaching him a lot, but he has never accepted a date to be baptized. He lives the gospel, but isn’t able to receive all the blessing yet.. well the miracle is that we set a date with him for March 30th! which is this Saturday! It would be so cool, since its Easter weekend!

Interviews with President Jergensen were on Wednesday, its super sad though, because this was the last time that I will ever get the chance to have another interview with him. He will be going home here in July.... than we will be getting the new President in. It’s been a blessing to serve around such a consecrated man!

On Sunday it snowed again here.. it’s really weird that it keeps snowing.. I like the snow but I would love some warmer weather sometime.. haha but anyway Sunday was great Nelson came to church even though the weather wasn’t the best. Also they had an Easter devotional at the Stake Center, where the stake president gave a short message preparing us for the Easter weekend. I really hope that everyone will focus and study the atonement this week... I definitely am.. that is the greatest message that you could share to anyone really.

The zone leader stuff is fun, but it’s a lot of stuff to remember and a lot of people to keep track of. I really enjoy it for the most part. it’s not too much different than district leader, other than there’s more numbers and things involved..

o ya Kara wasn’t the only one that got sick, I had the flu for a couple days.. I forgot how crapy it is to be sick... it kinda reminded me about the atonement though.. it was a little painful, so it made me realize how much the savior went through enough to bleed from every pore! my sickness was nothing compared to that..

Well I love you again! I ll see you next Easter though.. have fun at the Easter egg hunt!
ps... sorry for not having any pictures this week, but next week..

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