Monday, April 29, 2013

His new companion from Montana. Elder Maughan

He said this is a friend from back home, but he didn't say what his name was.

Dear Family!!,

This week has been great, with many new stories and things that happened! First off, Transfers went very well, it was the biggest transfer that we’ve had since I’ve been out here. There were forty new missionaries that came from the MTC, only 30 of them will stay in our mission though. The rest our visa waiters, we seem to get a few of them all the time. Since Des Moines has the airport where they will fly out, we have all ten of the visa waiters here, so it’s been pretty crazy here for the most part. With the zone splitting and all we now have 15 missionaries right now, instead of 27, so it’s a big difference. We went from the biggest to the smallest for right now...

So the new Elder that I’m serving with is Elder Maughan, from Montana.. You don’t see to many missionaries from Montana in our mission. He is a great guy and we’re going to have a fun time! He lives on a farm back home and loves to do stuff outdoors... so by definition we have to get along right.. haha anyway things are looking up here.

I would have to say that this past week has for sure been the most tiring one out of my whole mission. Only being in this area for 6 weeks and picking up a new elder is pretty stressful, but on top of it splitting the zone and stuff made it a little more crazy. We also had this thing called mini missionaries... have you ever heard of it? So throughout the stake the young men.. the priests.. sign up to come out with the elders and sisters. We had a kid come out with us for 3 days, just seeing how missionary work looks like. .. hopefully he had a great time, because we had fun. It’s crazy to think, that it was just a few years ago that I was in there position, deciding whether or not they want to serve a mission.

I can tell everyone that is thinking about serving a mission, to do it! It will change your life for the better if you will let it. It has already changed mine so much and will continue doing so for the next few months. Your time spent out on a mission is so much better than attending any school out there!!

Mosiah 2: 41... I really love this scripture... happiness can only come through living the way that our Heavenly Father has set up for us! wickedness was never happiness.. Alma 41:10... I have really come to understand this simple principle.. When we fight against God, we always lose, when we serve with god we always win.. no matter the situation that we are in.

Don’t fight against the spirit inside of you,
Who desire to follow god,
For this spirit is the light of Christ,
Whose love is never failing,
Feed your spirit who desire good,
Than you will understand who you are,
As a child of God!
It’s not very good, but I made it up and I really do believe it to be true. There really is a great war that we fight as children of God, every day we have to decide to choose evil or good. There is only one that makes us happy here and for eternity. My testimony has never been stronger and my love for you is growing stronger day by day. I hope to see you all on Mother’s Day, in a couple of weeks!

We finally get to take off our suit coats today, it’s in the 70's.. yaa.. how about the weather over there? O and thanks for the package and the letters.. I had some of the granola today.. it was super good.. thanks


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