Monday, April 15, 2013

Well hola!!!!!!

 I hope life is going well for all of you! We are experiencing a lot of rain here as well and it’s still pretty cold for the most part.. I can’t wait for some warmer weather. I can’t believe that its already mid way through April and it’s still cold. I remember last year got really warm super fast, but I guess I can’t complain for the cooler weather, because once summer hits here I will be wishing for some cold weather.. haha funny how that work huh? .. On Monday we had an amazing day! It was like 75 degrees outside and we were able to wear short sleeves for a little bit. Also we had our zone p-day too.. which was a blast! There are 27 missionaries in our zone so it makes for some fun games and stuff. but man I have really noticed how out of shape I have really gotten.  Haha that’s the life of a missionary.

This week has been very tiring, just for the fact that we went on 3 different exchanges with Elders this week.. I really loved them though.. but it starts to catch up on you after a while. The first exchanges were with the assistants, we go with them once a month to do a little training and to see how we are doing. They are great missionaries and I really commend them for all that they do. There is a lot on their plate... then we went out with another group of missionaries on Thursday and to another straight into Friday. It’s the life and responsibility of a zone leader and I love doing it. it’s such a great chance to meet a bunch of new missionaries and people for that matter. So the exchanges on Friday were great... reason being Elder Christensen who I went with got trained by the same missionary that I did.. Elder Wilson.. so in missionary terms we are brothers.. haha I will have to explain that at another date..

To answer some of your questions.. Well I don’t think that I have grown any more... maybe a couple of inches or something like that.. haha I haven't really gained any weight either, I guess that’s good because this mission is a forty pound mission, meaning that on average a missionary will gain up to forty pounds out here.. crazy right..

We have had a great week with our investigators.. even though we stopped teaching a few of them because they were not progressing, we picked up a few new ones. D... who is N....'s son, has a date for the 27 of this month. We are hoping to get his dad to baptize him. We had a zone fast this week as well and let me tell you we saw a lot of miracles throughout the zone just because of that one fast.. I have never really applied fasting in my life as much as I have out here. I definitely have a testimony that it really works. If anyone is having a hard time I would invite them to fast to figure out what’s wrong, or if you need help with something.. :)

I just want to close in saying, that I have never had a stronger testimony in the gospel! The mission really is for everyone no matter the challenges it will bless your life when you go or if you are already out! There is a war between good and evil out there that not a lot of people see, so we must stay strong and do all we can to find and help everyone around us..

An Elder I knew once said, when you fill like you’ve made it, you haven’t! as well as don’t expect to fill comfortable in the work of God, because when you do get comfortable he will give you something that is going to help you grow.!

I love you all and will talk to you next week! LOVE ELDER KIRTON!!

Having fun on a swing out back1

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