Monday, April 1, 2013

Awesome news!

Dear Family! thou are awesome!

It’s great to see all of those pictures of the family and the kids! They look like they're having a great time and the Easter egg hunt looks super fun as always! I hope that Easter went really well for you all, because we had a great Easter week end! The N...... who we are staying with, had a mini Easter egg hunt with their boys so we helped out with that, it was a great time... Thanks for the package too! I’ve been chowing down on the candy a little too much though haha. So we had a really cool thing happen this week...

So Dan who we were hoping to get baptized on the 30th ended up falling through it was super sad, we really hoped that he was going to make it... o sorry this isn’t the cool thing.. haha I’ll get to that.

Nelson was the investigator that I think I talked about last time.. Well we set a date with him for April 27th which he was very much looking forward to. As we were teaching him on Tuesday, Elder Meservy felt really prompted to invite him to be baptized on the 30th of March, which was that weekend.. he accepted whole heartedly! We really want him to baptize his family when we start teaching them, hopefully in the near future! He is the most prepared individual that I've ever talked to, since I've been out here. We then finished teaching him throughout the rest of the week, so he would be ready for his baptism. We were setting up his baptism program,  he asked me to baptism him, I was and am so grateful for the privilege to do so! :) pics below.. His baptism was super powerful! After he was baptized he stood in the water in awe, as he recognized the ordinance which he was a part of, as well, the spirit testified to everyone that was there that baptism is so essential.

It was a very humbling experience for me, to be a part of his life and the chance to perform the ordinance of baptism. We then waited for Sunday to come along so he could receive the Holy Ghost into his life. One of the cool things about it is that it was all done on Easter weekend, which of course is the celebration of the Savior’s atonement. and... It was dad’s birthday... pretty sweet hun!

I hope everyone was able to learn something over this great Easter weekend, because I really grasped just a little bit more on how important it is that the atonement was performed!

Thanks a bunch again for the treats and the letters, I hope to get a few off to you all today, so we will see how that goes..:)

How’s school going for everyone? there’s not too much longer till it’s over with...


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