Monday, June 3, 2013

Looking out the window at beautiful Iowa!
A group of missionaries.

Well HELLO!!! Family! Friends! and anyone else,

It has been just as always a great week, well almost always... haha weve had a great time teaching others how they can come unto Christ! Through faith,repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end! I am glad that the missionaries there could come over for dinner, they’re super lucky! SO Nicole graduated from Seminary.. nice... I am proud of her! It’s a great accomplishment! The sculpture thing is awesome too! So this week is it for school, the kids here have been out for a little while now it feels like they've been out for a couple of weeks. It doesn’t really feel like summer over here yet, we haven’t really broke 80 degrees yet.. we’ve been sticking around 70.. it’s really nice for missionary work. So what’s the plans for summer?

This week we've been able to see a lot fruit from our labors here in Waukee. There will be two baptisms coming up here in the next couple of weeks and hopefully another one closer to the end of the week. B.... is hopefully going to be on the 9th but it might get pushed back a week and J.... is planning on being baptized on June 15! We’ve been super blessed here! K... also came to church this Sunday and is preparing for July 6... The months of June through august are really high baptizing months. Probably because it’s the summer and everyone usually has more time to meet with us.. It’s a lot easier to talk to a lot more people during the summer because everyone is outside doing something. So have you guys been able to talk to a few people about the gospel yet?

This week is also a transfer week... the great news is I will be staying... yaaa.... I really do love this place(Waukee)... it’s just a really nice place with a bunch of great people in it. The members here are so awesome too! We get feed every night here... luckily I’m not gaining any weight.. haha..

The month of June is also a very sad one.. President J...... will be leaving at the end of the month. His 3 years of service are up and the new mission president will be arriving. So everyone is kind of preparing for the change. It’s should be a whole lot different though.... hopefully...

To answer your question.. God is someone who is in our everyday life and if we look for him you will absolutely find him. In missionary work we see it all the time.. just the other day we were walking around an apartment complex and a man whose name is James, said "hey elders how’s it going?".. we would have never known he was home or that he wanted to talk to us if we weren't in the right place at the right time. There really isn't a thing called "luck", God is our luck and I can definitely testify of that.. so the real question for everyone is to find our Heavenly Fathers presence in your own life. If you can’t find him, than you have to walk out from under the pavilion that you've placed over yourself.. from Elder Eyring's talk... hopefully that can answer your question.. :)

I do love you all and wish the best of the best for you! Have a safe start to you summer!

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