Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Having fun doing service work!

Maybe too much fun!

Hello! from Iowa!
It’s been a cold morning here in Osky! we received some snow yesterday, just about an inch so nothing big or anything. The overall week has been really good and super fun. There is a lot going on in Osky at the moment and hopefully it will be a close to a great year! It looks like you’ve had fun with the missionaries this past week, bikes wouldn’t be very much fun.. I guess we just lucked out over here...
We started our week off great, with some lessons with the people that we are teaching. We taught T.... on Monday, we call her our grandma, because she is about 60 years old. We also had a member that is over 60 come with us, that we call our other grandma.. haha it’s a great time, they always give us plenty of candy and sometimes too much soda! haha man I sure do miss My real grandparents!! I just have to give them a shout out to them, for how awesome they are and for all of the hard work that they do to raise the kids and grandkids.. love ya guys!! so we had a great lesson with them, T... is super close, but is tied to her church by friends. Which is the hardest thing to help people over come when learning about the restored gospel. We raked up her leafs this week as well, her lawn was absolutely covered and it made for an awesome pile of leafs.. see pics... anyway we had fun helping her with that.
On Thursday we headed to Iowa City again, for another meeting with all of the leaders of the mission. We had a special visitor come, he is the head guy at the MTC, so he taught us a lot of great things! I always love it when someone comes in from salt lake to teach us how to be better missionaries, because it’s hard to keep up with how the world looks at the gospel. We have to try new ways to help people recognize the truth.
Which brings us to N....., remember last time I told you how he got up and bore is testimony. Well he’s still doing really well, we are trying to help him prepare for Nov. 30. It’s been a while since I’ve taught someone so solid as he is. It’s great when people really desire to be baptized! Those people are the ones that we need to keep finding, because they are really searching for the truth. It kinda makes me ask myself, Would I be baptized a member of the church if I didn’t know about it.? It’s something you should ask yourself it helped me gain a stronger testimony about the gospel.
All in All this week flew right by! This next week will be transfers, it will be my deciding transfer! what I mean by that is.. I will stay here for the rest of my mission or I will leave to another area for the rest of my mission. It’s going to be interesting, but I know where ever the lord puts me I will be where I need to be!
So when do you think Nicole will get her call? this month or next month?
You guys have a safe week! love ya all!!!

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