Monday, November 4, 2013

Fun Things in Oskaloosa!

They had some fun with fake mustaches.

Dear Family!!!
So this week has been one to remember for sure! We’ve had a lot of great things happening here in Osky, that have only been brought to us because of the Lord. We’ve had both ups and downs, but the ups are the only thing that you remember throughout the week. It’s crazy that most of the good things in life are remembered most! That’s how it should always be! Never dwell on past mistakes or bad things that have happened! We’ve just been focusing on the good in everything and our weeks have been so great!
Our Halloween was really happy for sure! We have to be in at 6 on that day, just because of safety and because everyone is out trick or treating. So we went to a member’s house, that isn’t too far from where we live. So we walked there and brought some food that we made, ya we cooked a little bit.. mom.. haha There was a few people from the ward there and the food was great! We played a few games and had a little pepper eating contest! it was super hot!! The time having fun was great and reminded me of the great family that I have back home!
A lesson that we had set up with a semi less active person turned into a miracle for the week! We got to the members house and talked with them a little bit, as we waited for the other person to arrive. While we did, we began talking to a cousin of the member. his name and he is now one of the new investigators that we have. So after talking to him, we started teaching him about the gospel and another friend came into the room and sat down to listen. We than started to teach him (W....). It was a great lesson!! N.... really needs the gospel in his life and had no idea that this was the reason that he came all the way from Memphis. Guess what! N..... came to church this week as well, it was fast and testimony meeting of course. As we listened to the members bare their testimonies, I saw in the corner of my eye, N..... get up and start to walk to the podium. Elder Cutler and I looked at each other, because we couldn’t believe it. N..... got up and bore his testimony about learning about the gospel and how much it’s already changing his life! The spirit filled the room as he continued and I know that I felt a warm feeling inside my heart! It was a great reassurance that I know that our efforts as missionaries are not wasted. N..... has a baptismal date for Dec. 14.
All of the other investigators are doing pretty well, J..... came to church again and is still shooting for the date of Dec 7. We taught him the word of wisdom, this past week, you don’t find too many people out here that are already living it. Well J... just happens to be that guy!
We also had interviews this week as well, I think that it might have been my last interview with President Jensen. I had to renew my temple recommend too.. That just shows how fast time is flying here! I can’t believe that it’s already here. In the interview, we talked a little bit about what I might do, with the last few months I have left. I will either be staying here or going this coming transfer, but he said he will have to pray about it..
So some exciting news as well! I talked to him about Nicole getting her call. He said that I can talk to you guys. Txt me when she gets it and when she will open her call up, so we can plan the time into our schedule. Then I can hear her read it! I am excited to hear from you guys soon!
I will talk to you guys soon! love ya all! Have a super week!!

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