Monday, November 18, 2013

Staying in Osky!

TJ said "Good thing I didn't have my bow!"
This was in their backyard.

Josh a good friend and member.

Osky it is!!!
So we received the transfer doctrine this morning and I will be staying in Oksy, for the rest of my mission. Wow it’s really crazy to think about, so I won’t really think about it too much. We will be leaving for Iowa City on Thursday and I will pick up my new comp than. Man! Elder Cutler and I have had a great time together and honestly it feels like we just got here. We were talking to some members about transfers and stuff and all of them couldn’t believe that it has been 3 months that we’ve been here. Over all we’ve had super good times!
For most of the investigators that we have been working with all has been going really well. Other than on Sunday, N..... didn’t show up to church, but we figured he was tired from his trip to Memphis, but it was a little bit more than that. We had dinner with the L.... and he came as well. He said he didn’t want to do it anymore, that he wanted to give up. But we weren’t going to give up on him that easy, so we kept talking to him. The sad part is, he wasn’t the same on Sunday as he has been in the past. I will put it the easy way, when you are on drugs you are never the same person and you do crazy things... I’ve taught a lot of people that have been on drugs and they just do the craziest things sometimes. So we have a little bit more work to do with him, but he is still willing to meet with us, which is super awesome! We’ve been teaching the L.... daughter A..., who is 8 years old. We usually don’t teach them, but she needs to learn and understand a little bit more than she does. We are hoping to get Nathan and her baptized on the same day.
We had a really great lesson with Q..... and K..... this week! The have a date for the 28th of December and there is just a few things holding them up, marriage being the biggest one! They both know that the church is true, now they just have to live by the principles and commandments! Q....... had the most humble prayer that I have heard for a little while!
So this week we received a referral from Salt Lake, that we need to go contact this week. The only problem is that it is about a 40 minute drive out of town. There is only one member family that is in the town that we went to, Sigourney is the town name. We drove all the way out there and we walked up to the guy’s door and knocked on it. He said something, but we both couldn’t here it, he said it one more time and still we asked him and the last time we heard it crisp and clear, GO AWAY!! We both kinda laughed about the whole thing, but it kinda stunk to because it was a long drive out there. What can you do? haha
To answer the question of, what have I learned most?
Well too much that I can’t even think of one at the moment.. haha just kidding.. but I really have learned so much so far and I still have a lot of time left to learn more. One of them would have to be, working with people! I’ve never really been able to work with people very well. Well maybe I just stayed away from trying to work with some.. haha more than just working with people, but getting to know where they’re coming from and what’s going on in their lives, so that we can share the gospel to them. I have learned so much about a testimony and what it means to have one. Just learning about the Book of Mormon and its importance is a great blessing for me, I wish I would have read it more when I was home.
I am so thankful for my mission so far and for what I’ve learned and been able to do. I thank everyone who had a role in me serving a mission. LOVE YOU ALL!!
Happy birthday! to Kalhin and grandma Kirton and Conner this week! Conner you are getting to old!! I will have to get you something this week:)

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