Monday, June 17, 2013

This is what TJ is driving now!

Haha! you guys look like you’re from Iowa now..

I am glad that you were able to receive that package and that the shirts fit most of you.. haha I guess I should of grabbed a few smalls, but hey they will grow into them super quick. So Father’s Day sounded super fun for you all and it was for me as well. Other than the dutch oven dinner sounds super awesome right now... we haven’t ate any lunch yet.. I guess I could get a few smaller ones if you would like, but you’ll have to let me know before they run out at the store.. Other than that how is the summer treating you guys? We are now experiencing some heat right now, still no where in the 90's yet. I think I got a little sun burnt the other day, after our service project we did, or I guess you could call it volunteering. Our Father’s Day over all was sweet!

So the baptism of B... went super well.. see pics.. It was so cool to finally see him get baptized, it’s been a long journey for him. It has been such a blessing to teach him and help him get baptized. There were a lot people there, that flew in from out of town to see him get baptized. Also there were about 4 investigators there as well, so it was a great Father’s Day for us.

The sad part is that J.... did not get baptized on Saturday, it’s a super sad story! So we called him on Wednesday this past week, just to check on him to see if he was doing fine. He told us that he was not going to get baptized anymore at the moment. So of course we wanted to know why? and he said that he just has a lot of questions right now. The real story is after having a lesson with him on Sunday after the baptism, is that his father anti-ed him a lot. So he is very torn on what to do right now, but the great thing is that he knows that the spirit has told him that the Book of Mormon is true. He’s only 19, so he still has a very close relationship with his dad. The lord is aware of everything that we do, so I have no worries for this situation. The lesson that we did have with him after the baptism was one of the most powerful lessons I have had on my mission so far. The lesson to be learned from this is that you never want to let questions result in doubt or fear. When you start doubting than you start to lose the spirit and it becomes very hard find the right answer. I great quote says, " let questions arise, but never doubts"

We also taught a few new people this week, H.... and T...... father and son.. They are way nice and very humble people. They've come to church for the past two weeks so we are hoping that we can still continue to help them progress. K... is still doing super well right now, we actually moved her date up to the 29th of June. She is progressing very fast right now and has a desire to get baptized. Things are going very well on the missionary work side, so I am super happy!

few months left on the mission huh? haha I still have a long time.. you can’t pull that card out on me just yet.. even though two days ago I turned 16 out on the mission.. So far I have had the greatest time serving the Lord and I know that there is nothing else that I would rather be doing right now. I don’t have an actual release date yet, but I can make a guess that it will be about the 14th of Feb, or so.

Sorry for not writing as many letters to you all, I will do my best to get some out to you today. and next week. I love you guys and will forever and forever! you’re the best!

NOTRIK REDLE EVOL! .. its backwards..                                                                                    


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