Monday, June 10, 2013

Playing basketball with a member.

Dear familllllyyyyy!!!

O no Nicole graduated... wow.. now what is she going to do? haha that is so awesome! I am glad that it went well and everything, it’s hard to believe it’s been like two years since I graduated high school. Time flies when you’re having too much fun, doing missionary work. So I heard that she’s going on a mission now.. wait what.. I didn’t say anything haha... It’s definitely worth thinking about, really for anyone. But anyway the pictures look great and the gown too.. I think those things are super funny:) So the walk about sounded really fun.. snow cones.. o man.. well I don’t know if will ever need any snow cones here.. it doesn’t really go past 75 right now.. It’s super weird. So Jon Lee is heading out.. wow that’s super insane.. England too.. nice!

This week has been phenomenal.. other than B.... didn’t get baptized this week, he was unable to make it back in time from Kentucky. It’s all good though, he’s planning on June 16! Which means that J.... and B.... will get baptized at the end of the week, I am super excited for it. They are both really cool people that are super prepared for this gospel. I will definitely let you know how it goes next week!

So this Friday was awesome and I will tell you why. So we were doing some missionary work of course about an hour before our dinner appointment. Sister O..., gave us a call just before and said that they had someone coming over that was a non-member. So we were super stoked for the lesson. When got there, we got to know H.... a little bit better. He’s such a great man, he grew up in Chicago most of his life and was involved in gangs and stuff like that. He was able to get out of there and head over here to Waukee. He also has had a few tragedies in his life that have turned him to God. When he prayed for some help about 4 years ago, two missionaries showed up at his door, but he turned them done.( Mormon missionaries) He started to read the bible and go to church for a while at different churches. The great thing about it is that our Heavenly Father sent us back to him again so he can hear the message that we had to share with him. We taught him about the restoration of the gospel and invited him to church. That same Sunday he showed up to sacrament meeting and seemed to like it. That’s just one of the miracles that we've had this week.

I talked a little bit about K... last week and how awesome she is. So this week we taught her the stop smoking work shop. She came to church again and loved it, not only that, she stayed after to do some choir practice.. she is such an awesome person. We knocked at the whole apartment complex and she was the only one that was interested at the time. not only that but the last door. After all we can do, than the Lord shows us the way and provides us with someone to teach. She will most definitely be baptized in the next couple of weeks. We’ve had a great time so far this week and we are excited for the next transfer!

To answer those questions.. I would say the hardest thing now is watching people not except something that will bless their lives.. such as the gospel. The easiest thing is having a good time doing missionary work, because there’s no reason to be mad about anything or be frustrated.. the battle has already been won! so now we just have to join the team.. :)
Guess what? ... this is a big week! It’s going to be Father’s Day! So I would like to give a shout out to a special dad out there.. who happens to be my dad! I love ya and will send a little something from Iowa! You’re the best! have a good week and go have some fun or something!

I love you all and do miss you guys! times just fling by so I will see you soon!        



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