Monday, August 19, 2013

Exciting week for TJ.

Hey there family!

So the email worked great this time and the pictures came through as well, looks like they had some fun out on the water. They look so old now.. haha not to much older. I’ve had a great week as a missionary here in Waukee and this week is looking even better. Today we have 3 lessons set up, with the possibility of 3 new investigators, I am super excited!

About transfers, they are next week, crazy huh? I think I just emailed you all about that just the other day. There’s no way I could remember everything out here.. thank you journal.. if I write in it haha mom I write in it! just for you! Anyway this Friday we will receive our transfer doctrine, on where we will go. I am on target to leave, do to the fact that I’ve been here for 6 months.. I really love it here and would love to stay another, but I will go where ever the Lords needs me to go. You will know next Monday what happens:)

This week we had the wonderful opportunity to go out with President J...., well I guess he came out with us in our area. haha.. We had a great time and taught some awesome lessons. I used to be super nervous around the President when I first came out on a mission.. That’s probably just because I was scared that I wouldn’t know what to say. Now since we are around him all the time, we really get the chance to know him on a more personal level. I know that President J..... and Sister J..... are called of God for us here in the Iowa Des Moines mission. I’ve learned a lot from both of the mission Presidents so far! I wish you could spend some time with them as well.

The lessons we’ve had with H.... have been great! We are shooting for the end of the month to get him baptized, so I will let you know how that goes. He’s such a great man, that has changed a lot. His wife, V......., is also learning right now. We are just praying that we can help them get baptized within the next couple of weeks. The sad part is, they are moving at the end of the month.. but our mission president gave us permission to continue teaching them.. which doesn’t usually happen.. YES!

It’s super good to hear from you again! I hope school goes great for everyone! I miss you all! These six months are going to go fast, but they are going to be a great learning experience for me!

LOVE ALWAYS                                                                                                  



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