Monday, August 26, 2013

Transfer coming up!

He promises pictures next week.

HELLO! FROM Waukee Iowa

and good bye from Waukee Iowa as well!

Ya I got the news on Friday, I am being called to another part of the good old Iowa Des Moines mission. I will be heading to transfers on Thursday and will know where I am headed that same day. I am super sad to leave this awesome area, but I am always excited to meet new people and see new places. I know that the Lord is in everything that we do, so it’s going to be the perfect place for me to learn. It’s hard to believe that’s it’s already been six months here in Waukee and four and a half with Elder Maughan! We have a great time together and learned much from each other, as well as the people here. This could be one of my last transfers, since I only have 6 months left, but you never know what is in store. I will still be a Zone leader where ever I go, I am grateful to still be in this calling! I really enjoy it a lot, it’s stressful at times but it really helps you learn a lot. So that’s really the biggest news of the week here.

We’ve been working really hard to get H.... ready for baptism, these past few weeks. The only sad news is, it’s not looking like it’s going to happen before I leave. It’s all good though, I know the Lord has plans for him and his family. I’ll have to get a picture with him before I leave. hopefully...It’s been a great learning experience here in Waukee, with all of the people we’ve been teaching. It truly is a miracle that anyone gets baptized, with all of the false, even anti material.. It’s super sad to see all of the people around us, miss out on something that can absolutely change there life’s, just because someone else says it’s not true. You must try it out for yourself and ask God if it’s true. .. I won’t go on a rant about that though.. haha it’s whatever:)

So school sounds like it’s going well for everyone so far..  even  Kalhin will be going to school! Man everyone is growing up so much now.. not me though.. I still look the same.. maybe.. haha! Let me know how it goes for everyone.

It’s a special day on the 2nd! Happy birthday to you MOM! I am sending it now, because the library is closed on Monday! So I will give you an early happy birthday! you’re turning like 36 right? haha whatever the number have a good one for me! I’ll try my best to find something good for you.. love you!

There is so much that I’ve learned that it’s impossible to even like about trying to write it down.. I have really been thinking about that lately.. 2 years is a long time of learning and progressing.. I think I’ll have to write a book on the mission someday.. Most importantly! The church is as true as it’s ever going to be, until Christ comes again... No matter the person or the place, you can always talk to people about the gospel.. try it sometime! Refer them to the missionaries after, we always love getting Member Referrals.. They have a very high rate of baptism.. Numbers don’t mean anything,but the Lord does number his children and he knows everyone of them!

I am grateful to serve! Thanks so much for all of your support and love! Have Great week!

LOVE ELDER THOMAS JAY KIRTON!!                                                                                    


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