Monday, August 12, 2013

New suit looks great!

How’s the fam fam doing?
I hope that you’ve had a great time at Pinedale Wyoming and that you’re all safe! This was a great week for us as well, here in the good old state of Iowa. We’ve had plenty of powerful meetings this week, that will hopefully continue to motivate us to finish this year off strong! Meetings as a missionary are super awesome, I wish everyone could participate in them. As always the spirit of missionary work continues to flow through the air and around the world.
The first meeting we had this week is called Mission Leadership Council, it’s like the best meeting ever! All of the zone leaders, assistance to the president and the mission president are there. It really does make a great meeting, 100% focused on missionary work! We receive the instruction from the mission president who gets it from the first presidency so it’s super cool! That’s just one of the great privileges as a missionary.
Well working in the Waukee area this week, we saw a lot of miracles with the people that we are teaching. Not only those that we are teaching but new people to teach. H... is someone that I’ve talked about before, he’s doing great and came to church this Sunday with 3 of his kids. We finally taught his wife after months of working with H..... It was so awesome to be able to teach them both, now we can work on getting the who family to church. It’s a long process but they are super prepared for this gospel. We have a lesson with V.....(H...'s wife), so hopefully it will go well.
As we were walking around the area where most of our members live, the Lord placed people in our pathway that are willing to listen to the message we share. Walking on 20 minutes around the area, we talked to two people that wanted us to come back. We ended up teaching one of them, who happens to have been taught by missionaries in the past. E... is the man’s name and he has a great story. He’s speaks English, but is from Vietnam. We seem to find all kinds of people around these parts. We’ve given out a Vietnamese and an Arabic book of Mormon already.. just goes to show that no matter the person, the gospel can help them. The only way we can teach them is through the spirit, we would be totally lost without it.
A funny story for the week happened on Sunday. H.... came to church and stayed the whole time, so when priesthood came around he attened it. President P...., the stake president was there today as well. So he stood up and started talking about the missionary work of the stake and the work of salvation broadcast. Well he asked everyone why are you a Mormon. as everyone was thinking after his question.. he walked over to H.... and asked him why he’s a Mormon? ... H....'s said I’m not a Mormon sir.. and president p.... said well why not? so after a few minutes H.... turned to us and said why am I not a Mormon.. so were like H.... we are working on it.. haha it was super funny! It definitely sparked Henrys desire a little bit! So my question to everyone that reads this letter is.. Why are you a Mormon? you never know when someone will ask you..
I am a Mormon, because I know that this is the true gospel and that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God. As well being a Mormon makes me super happy and I have a knowledge of why I am here and where I am going. Jesus Christ is the Savior and the Book of Mormon is true! that’s why I am a Mormon!
I love you all! hope you have a great week! Get ready for school to start! love you all! YOU’RE THE BEST!


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