Monday, September 23, 2013

Having fun in Osky!

The barn where he is staying.

Hey! hey! hey! family!

September 23, 2013, I woke up today and went to email my family at the good old library, that was the day!

haha this is my journal entry for the day I hope you liked it.. haha.. they’re not all like that though.. anyway it’s been a great week here in Osky! I am grateful for the package that I got, it was totally blue!! I am pretty sure that they lost because I wasn’t there cheering them on.. but o well.. So the package will probably last me till Christmas, there are so many goodies in there.. haha thanks so much! love ya!

We had our Zone training meeting again on Thursday this past week, it went really well! It was the first time that our zone was together, since I’ve been here. It was an hour and a half drive to Osceola and that is central to the zone.. so that kinda gives you a little idea of how far we drive. To answer your question about our area though.. basically we stay in Osky, because that is where most of the members are at. We can drive 30 minutes each way and still be in our area though..

This Saturday we did some service at the old N..... farm just outside of town a few minutes. They have a really big festival every year and I happen to be here for it.. super awesome.. So we got placed in this old general store, that has a bunch of old clothes and items that you would buy.(see pics) We basically had the opportunity to talk to everyone that came in there, which is great being a missionary. There were a few people that wanted to know what the name badges were, so that sparked a conversion really easy. Haha funny story though, this older lady talked to us for 15 minutes about her church and certain things in her life. She was trying to convert us in a way, but the great news is, I am still Mormon.. haha.. The conversations you have as a missionary are really interesting sometimes. Anyway we stayed there for a few hours and helped explain to people what the store is and how old it was. It was a fun experience, maybe someone will be more interested in learning from it.. who knows.. That’s something that I have learned for sure, that you can never anticipate how the Lords going to bring people to you. You just have faith that he will help you fulfill your calling.

So I found out the other day at dinner that K.... P...., who is the one from Draper, knows A... S.... and D..... So that was super cool. They are great missionaries here in this branch.

The best way to help anyone who doesn’t like to read is to.. Listen to conference talks or just listen to cd's.. that’s funny that you asked that question, because B.... has that same problem. We’ve been trying to help him read for that last few weeks, but he never ends up reading a whole lot, that’s just because he doesn’t like to, but if he doesn’t read than he won’t get an answer to the Book of Mormon. We got him some cd's to listen to, so I’ll have to let you know how it goes. He’s doing really good at others things, like coming to church, he’s been for the last 3 weeks. Church is usually the hardest thing to get people to do around here..

We get fed most days here in Osky, but not as much as Waukee. We are doing really well though, we have plenty of food.. don’t worry mom, I know that you’re thinking about it.. haha. We’ve got a Walmart out here, even though you might not think we do. haha I would say that I’ve gotten pretty good at cooking something.. not in a prideful way. The best thing is to make some biscuits and gravey... it’s really good!

The book of Alma! has been my favorite as a missionary! There is just so much in there, that has to do with missionary work and basically a bunch of great principles for life. My favorite scriptures are Alma 42: 21-25. Basic chapters that I turn to in the book of Mormon are, 2 Nephi 31 and Alma 32. There is so much in the scriptures, it’s really hard to pinpoint anything specific. As you read and listen to the spirit, you can be taught so many things!

I love you all! Remember that keeping the commandments is the best thing in the world and will keep you really happy, but most importantly safe! LOVE YA!!


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