Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Transfer to Oskaloosa


Service work!

The Nelson Family
This is the home they were staying in.

New Home in a barn by a grape vineyard.

Notice how he poses the same.
HEllO From OSKALOOSA IOWA!!! Happy Birthday MOM!!
Thursday was transfers! We left Waukee around 830 and got to Iowa City around 1020. During transfers we usually have a few talks and stuff like that before we get to  where we will be getting transferred. Anyway.. I got called to serve with Elder Cutler in Oskaloosa! We’re going to have a great time, he’s been out for 17 months, basically one transfer behind me. So we’ve both been out for a little while, which is really nice. So the crazy news about the whole thing is.. we are both getting transferred from different areas, so we both don’t know the area were we are called to .. we call this a white wash( when both missionaries are transferred out) Elder cutler and I are going into an area, not knowing a single person there.. ya I didn’t even expect it at all. I know that the Lord needs us there for a good reason though...
The past few days have been super crazy, we’ve both never opened an area like this before, so were just figuring it out right now. A lot of our time right now is spent planning and calling people to figure out where we need to go. The branch here is really awesome though.. so it’s not going to be that hard to find out what we need to do. This Sunday was great, but way different than Waukee... the ward life and the branch life are pretty different.. I love it here already though! I know that it’s going to be a great transfer and many more depending on how long the Lord needs me here.. I was able to get up and bare my testimony to the branch on Sunday too.. things are going great!
I will miss the great people of Waukee! and all of the investigators that I had the chance to teach and get to know. You can find great things in any area that you go, no matter the people or the circumstances. Remember that.. NICOLE... :)
So our apartment is a little bit different than the good old mansion... we live in a barn by a grape vineyard.. It’s super awesome! see pictures... You really get the chance to go to some neat places out in the missionary field.. All I know is that it’s going to be a fun time here, getting to know all the people. Haha funny story.. so one of the members here is from Draper Utah.. she went to Alta high school too.. I could have sworn that I’ve seen her before.. small world right.. anyway that is some of the cool stuff that’s going on in my life!
The weather is crazy here.. last week it was in the 100's.. now it’s dropped to the 70's and 80's.. it will be winter before I know it.. hopefully later than sooner..
I sent you a package Mom.. so it should get to you at the end of the week.. it also has a few things I don’t need any more out here in the mission field.. I hope you have a great week! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!

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