Monday, September 16, 2013

Picking Grapes


Dear Family, who is o so far away in the promise land!
Haha this week has been such a blast! I really don’t know where to start with all of the new information and excited insight that I received throughout this week.. I am glad that you’ve had a safe week there in Draper, that’s always the best news that I could ever ask for. So to give you an update on the weather, that you probably already know about, it’s been really cold these last few days.. like 40 to 50 in the mornings.. It’s been really crazy! I would never have thought that it would drop so fast, hopefully that doesn’t mean an early winter.. only time will tell!
So to give you a little bit more of an insight about the area in which I am serving.. The people here that I’ve been able to meet so far are amazing and others just need a little motivation to do missionary work. Remember to do your missionary work this week!!! we’ve been able to meet a few more families throughout the week, with the little time that we did have in our area. I'll tell you the reason why..
We had the wonderful opportunity to receive some inspiration from Elder Robert C. Gay of the seventy! He came to Waukee on Wednesday.. my old stomping grounds.. It’s about an hour and a half drive for us. I learned so much from him and learned a lot about missionary work of course. I can say that I really felt the power that he brought to the meeting, through his talk and stories. It really gives me a greater desire  to do missionary work forever! The cool thing is too, that he’s a business partner with Mitt Romney.. pretty sweet huh.? One thing that I’ve learned from his talk was that the Lord really can open any door that he wants. We just have to be willing to open it up!
The next day we spent in Osceola on exchanges.. I went with Elder Blauer in a town called Lamoni. So a little bit about this town is.. well there’s a lot of members from the Community of Christ there.. aka RLDS.. so missionary work there is a little bit different. Great people none the less.. They also have a lot of Amish people there that ride there horse and buggies around town. I thought that was interesting.. It was a great time!
Then Friday! I had another opportunity to see and receive council from Elder Gay.. For our mission leadership meeting.. It was a lot more personal this time, because there’s not a lot of missionaries that attend it.. only about 40. Anyway I've had a great week, learning a lot from men that are truly called of God!
Saturday! We helped the L..... pick a lot of grapes right out by our apartment. see pictures.. Service is something that I’ve really come to love! I have had a great time so far in Osky, with all of the service that’s been done here and the chance that we get to do it. Remember to get out and serve someone this week!!
So B.... is doing great! He cooked us some dinner yesterday! fried chicken, mashed potatoes and corn! We taught another family this week too.. the N...... family! We’ve invited all of them to be baptized on Oct.26th so we will see what happens here in the next couple of weeks! The work has just begun here!
What’s school like for everyone? did you get a deer yet? Thanks for the letters and pictures that you sent this past week! You are the best family in the world!! I love you all! Have such a great week!


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