Monday, September 30, 2013

Fun Week.

Wishes this was the new missionary attire.

Beautiful sunset in Oskaloosa.

Dear Family!!
Well it’s so good to hear from you again.. emailing just seems to come faster and faster as the months go on. When engaged in a good cause, you will always have a great time and when having a great time, your time flies!! I am glad to hear that everyone is safe and sound still! This week has been really fun for us here in Osky, like I said before, we’ve been doing a lot of service work here. I really love it and it feels like you’ve really accomplished something.. It’s not like knocking on doors at all. I am glad that we don’t do much of that here. For the weather report.. it’s sunny and should be for the rest of the week. I hope that this nice weather can hold out for us, till Christmas.. haha I only wish..
For this week.. We met a few members that we haven’t been able to go to yet, since we’ve been here. The S..... family is one of those. We got to their place around 5:30 on Thursday, ate some dinner and did some service for them. We helped load up some wood from there forest behind their house. The bad part about the woods here, is that there are all kinds of itchy weeds, poison oak and you name it.. Luckily we didn’t get into any of that this time. The S..... family has such a cool set up.. right next to a river out of town.. It’s like a dream location for me..
A lot of the work we are still doing is through the members and less-active families. We teach a lot of them right now and hope to find as the weeks go on. We are just setting a good foundation in this branch in which we can build off. Bring back fallen sheep.. is just a great as a baptism. We are really getting to know the branch and I am really gaining a true love for these people here. They all have struggles and trials in their lives, just as we do. It really makes me reflect on the life that I have had so far and how blessed it is! The people out here work hard together, because that is all they have to hold on to. I am grateful for the chance to serve, because I know that I’ve got more out of it than anything else.
We lost our good friend B... for the moment.. he’s decided to get married in February. When we lose one we can always find another soul that is ready to find the truth! We taught D.... this past week, the lesson seemed to go well, given the fact that we don’t know much about this guy yet.. he knows the P....... up in Mason City where I served before.. If I haven’t already told you that.. haha it’s pretty cool I think.. it must be for a reason!
With General Conference coming up really soon! I would encourage everyone to give heed to the words of the apostles and prophet. Elder Gay told us it will be similar to last conference... which means missionary work.. Make sure to take some  really good notes, so you all can prepare for the fiery darts of the adversary! The faster and strong we grow as a people, the harder Satan will try to destroy us. Again watch conference with your spiritual eyes and listen with your spiritual ears. Remember you are love by your Heavenly Father.
1. Be obedient to the commandments                                                                                               
2. Pray often
3. Listen to the promptings of the spirit
4. Be good to your fellow family members and friends
5. Know that God knows you!
those are some of the basic things that I’ve learned through study. Read the Ensign.. its super awesome!
what are some of the things you learn from conference? How’s your Book of Mormon reading going?
Thanks for the letters and pictures you sent as well!
I love you guys!!

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