Monday, October 21, 2013

No pictures this week.

Happy October! Family!

Heaven is up!.. haha and things are doing well here to!
Man its sounds like you had a great Halloween party, to bad I missed it.. next time. Halloween is definitely on its way here with the leaves falling and the work of the Lord continuing always. It’s been cooling down very fast here and is supposed to snow tomorrow, but we will have to see what really happens. The weather men around here seem to have a hard time getting it right.. haha o well :)

On Tuesday we had our annual meeting as a mission leadership, in Iowa City. I always enjoy those meetings so much, because they are filled to capacity with the spirit! We are working really hard to bring as many souls as possible to the waters of baptism and conversion. We know that the Lord has prepared 550 souls this year, which is our goal as a mission. The time is continuing to move at a very fast pace, with so much work to do.

On Wednesday we had the opportunity to teach a bunch of kids at the church about testimonies. It really helped me focus and think about what a testimony really is. Testimonies are a simple a belief in something that is true. Receiving a testimony is something that can take time or can happen through a very simple prayer. Joseph Smith received a testimony that changed the world, with one prayer! I would invite everyone to gain a testimony of what Joseph Smith did and what he was able to restore to this earth. As was announced in the past general conference, A testimony alone will not stand in the last days. Turn your testimony into a conversion and your will overcome the fiery darts of the world! This is my testimony:)

I was able to go on exchanges this week with a new elder in our zone. Elder Roberts is his name. The exchange took place in Osceola Iowa and it was a good one. We were able to talk to quite a few people and teach a couple member lessons. But the funny part of the exchange was in an old folk’s home. We walked by a lady just sitting in her wheel chair, started saying.. enemy, enemy, enemy and said you don’t know God.. after talking to her for a moment and saying have a nice day, Elder Roberts and I couldn’t help but laugh at that one. You really don’t know what you’re going to get each day out in the mission field.

On Sunday we were able to teach a less active man that is desiring to come back to church. After a long while of being away from the church, he found that nothing could make him happier then when he was actively going to church. He finally broke down and told his member friend that he would like us to come by. We would have never known that he lived there and was a member of the church, if it wasn’t for the Lord enlightening his mind. That was such a blessing from the Lord. We also had a great lesson with Q.....and K....., who have started coming to church each week. The only thing holding them back is getting married... marriage.. it’s a killer around here. If people knew about the family proclamation to the world, there would be a lot more people baptized throughout the world. We are working very hard with them and helping them receive answers to their prayers, which is the only way that they’re going to know if this is the right thing for them.

That was my week in a nut shell. How’s the weather? I hear it’s snowing there now. What are your plans for Halloween? It’s always good to hear from you all! always! I still can’t believe that I have less than 4 months left.. Wow! don’t blink.. because it will be gone..

So I think I failed to tell you about my comp.. thanks mom for reminding me:) Elder Cutler is from Paradise Utah, Logan area. And has been out one transfer less than me, so you could say that we are both really old!!! haha we get it all the time from all the missionaries.. But ya we are doing great and are having a fun time doing missionary work!

You better have a great week! I will chat next week! LOVE YA!! :] LOVE ELDER KIRTON!

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