Monday, October 28, 2013

Looks like he had some fun taking pictures!

Happy Halloween!
So I received the little package that you sent this past week! thanks so much for the pictures, everyone seems to be having lots of fun over at the house! The costumes look great too... Nachooooo... haha dads was pretty funny! at least I think that is who he was being.. haha any way this Halloween is going to be pretty fun for us, we are going to a member's to eat and play some games a stuff.. We have to be in at 6 on Thursday, just so everyone stays safe I guess.. I will have to let you know how it turns out.
It’s really hard to think of where I would like to start with this week, because we had so much going on and so many great things happened this week! Monday was the start of our great week! We went over to the G..... home for dinner and found out that a few investigators were also coming over, it was a surprise but a good one at that matter! During dinner we ate some wonderful food and had a little hot pepper eating contest.. haha bad idea! Elder Cutler and myself  both had a bite of one and man were our mouths on fire!! Brother G..... ate one, it was super funny, I was crying because it was super funny, not because it was hot.. but that all transitioned to our lesson which went very well!
We spent two full days out of our area this week, which is really tough on the area and the people, but the Lord made up for it..I’ll tell you why in a little bit. On Wednesday we went all the way down to Lenox, over 2 hours away.. I had a great time serving with the elder in that area. It was a cold day and wasn’t snowing but almost. Missionary work is a lot harder it seems like in the cold. Right after that we had a district meeting and then traveled to Chariton. Elder Brown and myself went on exchanges together. We saw a lot of miracles that day, it seemed like everyone we talked to wanted to listen to us, so we taught everyone that we talked to.. which doesn’t always happen that way. The day just goes by so fast when you teach all day, it’s crazy really. The last person we talked to lives out in a little town, in a rugged old house, with old cars all over and random things all over the place. Honesty I was a little scared to go knock on the guy’s door, but we continued to press forward. We ended up teaching the man and his girlfriend, they accepted the gospel very well. They had so many questions that can only be answered by the restored gospel! It’s really humbling to think about how blessed we are as members of Christ’s church. You really don’t realize what you have until you don’t have it anymore. I have seen a lot of crazy things out here in Iowa and it has taught me so much, stuff that I would have never learned anywhere else! My invitation is to look at the life that you do have and see how blessed you are compared to some people who don’t have very much. The world CANNOT give you want you need as a child of God, only God can do that for you. Another thing that I learned well at a lesson the other day, that the spirit taught me was, not to hide my true identity as a missionary, now it took me a little bit to figure out what that really meant to me. Hiding the truth or who you are as member of the church is something that Satan likes to make you do. Share what you know and let the world hear your voice, as you continue to cry unto this world with a sound of a trump! I am grateful for the spirit:)
On Sunday we ended up having 5 people come to church, which is the most that we’ve had in a long time! It was a miracle and was a blessing for the work that we put in this past week. People are changing everywhere you go, let yourself  be changed also. The work is true I know it is!
I hope you have a great Halloween! you will have to let me know how it goes! LOVE YOU ALL!

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