Monday, October 14, 2013

Service Project Chopin' Wood!

Outside the barn house where he lives.

Lesson on the plan of salvation.

What up family? !!

This week has been one to remember for sure! We have received a lot of blessing from the Lord this week and I am very grateful for that. It’s taken about 6 weeks for as to get some stuff started, but the Lord is definitely blessing us for our efforts. There was a family that came to church this week, randomly, it was super cool. Hopefully we will be able to teach them super soon. So I got an email today about flying home... O man!! haha She wants to know the airport that I will be flying into.. I think it is the Salt Lake airport. But if it’s not then you will have to let me know what it is.:) It’s crazy that it is already that time for me.

Nicole’s car looks great! maybe she will have to some car art work for a job or something! So how’s everyone doing? So dad got a calling to be scout leader.. haha that’s pretty awesome! I hope that you’ve all had a really good week.

This week we were able to teach a lady that we talked last week, named C.... The cool story behind her is, we were trying to find a person who has talked to missionaries in the past, but we weren't able to find her. So as we were in the truck finding our next location, I felt like we should go knock on the door next to where we were parked. We ended up talking to her for 20 minutes and setting up a return appointment the following week. We taught her on Tuesday with Brother V........ She was very receptive to the message and doesn’t have any concerns right now. That was a little miracle for the week. We have been working with a guy named D...., who I told you a little bit about before.. I think.. anyway we set a baptismal date with him for Nov. 23. Now we just have to help him come to church. We were teaching a recent convert at the square on Thursday, which went very well. The cool part about it, is that her daughter showed up to.. so we started to teach her a little bit and invited her to be baptized and she said she would. S..... is her name and she’s was able to go to the women’s conference. When she was there she felt the spirit, but didn’t tell anyone but her mom.. her mom told us, so than we knew that we needed to go talk to her. It all worked out in the end, because the Lord blessed us a lot! Those are a few blessing this week!

Guess what? This week I ate something that you wouldn’t normally eat on a regular basis.. I had some Raccoon!! It was different, but wasn’t too bad, the only hard part was knowing that you are eating a raccoon..haha, Do you wanna try some? My companions stomach didn’t agree with it very well.. haha it was super funny. I don’t now if I should laugh about that or not..

Elder Graham, my companion from Dewitt about a year ago. Is know serving in our district. It was so good to see a him. It was really crazy to think that I served with him about a year ago.

I almost forgot our Sunday experience. So I gave a talk in sacrament meeting on receiving revelation. It’s been so long since I’ve given a talk in sacrament meeting, I think it went pretty good. It’s going to give me some practice for the future. Right after church we had to drive to Des Moines for a meeting with the stake president and mission president regarding the missionary efforts in our zone. like before.. I always love going to Des Moines, because it brings back good memories of serving there with Elder Maugham who I saw at the meeting. we drove back to Osky to our dinner and lesson appointment with the G..... and Q.... and K..... and than a lesson with A..... a new investigator. Things here are really starting to pick up a lot. I hope we will be able to do all we can before the end of the year!

It’s good to hear from you guys again as always! I pray for you safety! love ya a lot!!


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